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Statistical Office SR
Slovak Republic in Figures 2020
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Slovak Republic in Figures 2020

Last update: 19.11.2020
Publisher: Statistical Office of the SR
Topic: Comprehensive products
Domain: Comprehensive products
Publish Date: 20.10.2020
Periodicity: yearly
Language versions: SK/EN
Number of pages: 78
Publication code: 10120

Information and PR publication presents selected statistical information on demographic, economic and social development using new visualization elements.

The publication was released  on the occasion of the European/World Statistics Day (20 October).

In the electronic version of the publication the correction was executed on 11/19/2020, which is adduced in errata to the printed version of the publication.

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  • Statistical Office of the SR
  • Lamačská cesta 3/C
  • 840 05 Bratislava 45
  • Slovak Republic
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  • tel. +421 2 50 236 339
  • +421 2 50 236 335
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