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Statistical Office SR
Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
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Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic

Last update: 15.02.2024

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic is a central body of state administration of the Slovak Republic for the field of statistics. Its status is governed by the Act No. 575/2001 Code of Acts on Organizational Activity of Government and the Organization of Central State Administration as amended . The Office carries out tasks pursuant the Act No. 540/2001 Code of Acts on State Statistics as amended and tasks determined by other generally binding legal regulations. The SO SR operates as an independent institution since January 1, 1993, i.e. the day of the formation of the independent Slovak Republic.

The Office is headed by the President, who is appointed and removed by the government of the SR. The term of office of the President of the Office shall be 5 years. The SO SR has established the Statistical Council as a permanent professional consultative body of the President of the Office for the field of state statistics. The head of the Council is the Office´s President, its members are nominated experts from the branch of the statistical theory and practise.

Act of the National Council of the SR No. 540/2001 on State Statistics regulates criteria for statistical information collecting, for the evaluation of socio-economic development, position and competencies of bodies performing state statistics, roles of public bodies in the field of state statistics, rights and obligations of reporting units, protection of confidential statistical data from their misuse, provision and disclosure of statistical data, ensuring comparability of statistical information and fulfilment of obligations arising from international treaties or agreements in the field of state statistics mandatory for the Slovak Republic.

Statistical surveys are regulated by the Programme of State Statistical Surveys for the three years period, compiled by the Office in collaboration with ministries and state organizations. The Programme contains all the important and essential surveys including surveys organized and executed by other central bodies and ministries. Besides the surveys included in the Programme, the Office also executes specific surveys of natural persons (e.g. population census, census of area, etc.)

Tasks of state statistics are ensured by the Central Office in Bratislava and seven regional offices with their seats in Trnava, Nitra, Trenčín, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Košice a Prešov. In compliance with the Act on State Statistics the Statistical Office of the SR:

In compliance with the Act on State Statistics the Statistical Office of the SR:

    1. elaborates and disclosures the conception of the state statistics;
    2. compiles in line with ministries and state bodies the programme of surveys;
    3. determines the methodology of state surveys, collects and processes statistical data;
    4. determines the methodology of the national account system keeping and compiles national accounts,
    5. creates, disclosures and administers statistical classifications, code lists and registers in line with ministries and state organizations;
    6. determines the way of registers creation, assigns and announces identification numbers;
    7. elaborates analyses of selected characteristics of socio-economic and ecology development of the Slovak Republic;
    8. co-operates with international bodies and organizations during the introduction of standards and classifications in the branch of statistics;
    9. organizes and executes representative researches of public opinion on socio-economic questions;
    10. disclosures statistical survey results for the SR and for individual territorial and administrative units, regularly informs the public on socio-economic and demographic development, provides statistical information and issues statistical publication and
    11. carries out next tasks determined by law.

Except state statistical tasks the SO SR performs other specific tasks regarding the preparation of the election and referendum and the processing of their results.

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