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European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP)
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European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP)

Last update: 29.12.2021 | Number of views: 64506

European Statistical Training Programme provides the European statisticians with the opportunity to participate in international postgraduate training, practical and theoretical seminars.

The courses under the auspices of the European Statistical Training Programme have an international dimension. Their objective is to acquaint the participants with the challenges so that they would be able to address the complex issue of comparability of statistics at European and international level. The courses also focus on the harmonization of European concepts, legislation and the implementation of procedures at national level.

The Programme is coordinated by Eurostat. The courses take place either at Eurostat´s premises in Luxembourg or at the training centers of the individual EU countries or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries.

The basic 2021 ESTP training 1 is adapted to meet the requirements of the European Statistical System (ESS) taking into account the different level of statistics and statistical experiences. It consists of courses in the field of the official statistics, IT programmes, research, development and statistical management.

Through a balanced combination of theory and practice and a variety of approaches (practical seminars, group discussions, lectures and exercises), the trainings intend to provide appropriate solutions and, in some cases, directly simulate a real worki situation.

Who may apply?

Officials and employees of the National Statistical Offices or corresponding competent national authorities of the EU Member States, the European Free Trade Association countries, candidate countries and potential candidate countries. Occasionally, in rare cases applicants from other administrative bodies, international organizations and non-European statistical offices may also apply individually.

Whom to contact?

For further questions concerning the programme and the registration procedure, please, contact the National contact place of the European Statistical Training Programme. (pdf - 42 kB)

For further information:

What is the European Statistical Training Programme (pdf - 570 kB) 

Application form (pdf - 140 kB)

FAQ - frequently asked questions (doc - 33,5 kB)


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