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Vision ESS 2020
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Vision ESS 2020

Last update: 13.12.2021


The ESS Vision 2020 is a common strategic response of the European Statistical System (Eurostat, EU Member States and the EFTA countries) to the challenges that the  official statistics is facing. It was adopted by the ESS Committee in May 2014. common action is needed to ensure that the for European statistics meet the needs of the future

ESS Vision 2020 key areas

The implementation of the ESS Vision 2020 is implemented through a portfolio of joint projects supplemented  by "supporting frameworks". The implementation is managed by the ESS structure created for this purpose.

Portfolio of common projects

The quarterly newsletter- ESS Vision 2020 News,  informs about the progress on the implementation of the ESS Vision 2020, as well as about the experts involved at the national and international l evel andother new topics.


More information on the ESS Vision 2020: 
ESS Vision 2020
More information on the ESS Vision 2020 and on the implementation of the project portfolio – ESS Vision 2020
 – ESS Vision 2020 News


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