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European Statistics Day 2023
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European Statistics Day 2023

Last update: 30.10.2023
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Publisher: Statistical Office of the SR
Publish Date: 19.10.2023

Summary of activities on the topic European Statistics Day 2023

On the initiative of the European Statistical Advisory Committee, October 20 is dedicated to statistics. The aim of the European Statistics Day (hereafter ESD) is to raise awareness of the importance and value of official statistics produced by European or national statistical authorities. At the same time, it is an opportunity to remind the importance of quality statistical products useful for society.

On this occasion, the Statistical Office has prepared a series of dissemination and communication outputs, which it gradually publishes during the month of October.

ESD 2023: Regional cities in 2022

Prices for buying an apartment in 2022 grew dynamically in all regional cities, with the exception of city Žilina, in four regional cities the price increase was by more than a fifth. At the same time, regional cities are aging faster than the Slovak average, the proportion of seniors aged 65 and over in all regional cities approaches the 20%. More in the press release (only in Slovak language): Regional cities in 2022

ESD 2023: Dynamics of annual average wage growth since the creation of the SR

In the era of the independent Slovak Republic, wages nominally grew from 2.2% to 18.4%. The development of the real value of wages had a slightly more fluctuating trend, the average wage fell seven times in real terms. The gross wages of Slovak inhabitants exceeded the level of 1,000 eur for the first time in 2018. More in the press release (only in Slovak language): Dynamics of annual average wage growth since the creation of the SR

ESD 2023: The statistical community celebrates the day of facts, transparency and reliability of data

The 8th European Statistics Day will also be held in Slovakia in the spirit of the motto: Statistics for a better development in a fast-changing world, the Statistical Office of the SR will release several interesting facts about Slovakia and the life of its inhabitants. More in the press release (only in Slovak language): Official statistics shape our future

ESD 2023: Skills in Slovakia and the EU

The Statistical Office of the SR publishes a series of posts on social networks with interesting data comparing Slovakia and the EU in selected skills. The year 2023 is declared the European Year of Skills. The goal is to support lifelong learning, better job opportunities, as well as competitiveness and innovation.

ESD 2023: Poverty in Slovakia threatened 888 thousand inhabitants in 2022

In Slovakia, a total of 16.5% of the population faced poverty or social exclusion in 2022. Both the share and the number of the population at risk of poverty increased year-on-year. In a press release, the Statistical Office of the SR recalled interesting statistical data on the topic of poverty on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and the European Day of Statistics. More in the press release (only in Slovak language): Medzinárodný deň boja proti chudobe 2023 (17. október)

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