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The SO SR hosts the top European statisticians, seeking a recipe for the effects of globalization

The SO SR hosts the top European statisticians, seeking a recipe for the effects of globalization

Last update: 10.10.2019
Publisher: Headquarters Bratislava
Publish Date: 09.10.2019

Altogether, 120 experts are searching for the answer to the question how best to capture the impacts of globalization on the economic development

In the capital city of Slovakia, the leading European statisticians are gathered today at the two-day conference dedicated to the economic globalization and the possibilities of measuring its impacts on the economic development. Altogether up to 120 top representatives of Eurostat, European statistical institutes, as well as the OECD and UN experts will discuss in Slovakia the new statistical procedures in order to better capture the manifestations of globalization and make the views on the economic performance of individual countries and the EU as a whole, feasible.

Politicians, as well as analysts realize that the economic globalization has been progressing too rapidly and the world of statistics must make every effort to capture this pace. The way of measuring globalization affects the data on the state of individual countries´ economies, as well as the EU as a whole. Our goal is to adjust the statistical methodology so that it can reliably capture these globalization trends” stated Alexander Ballek, the President of the Statistical Office of the SR.

One of the areas affected by the effects of globalization are for example, the foreign trade data, as the financial flows no longer copy the physical flows of goods.

One of the most spectacular manifestations of globalization is the liberalization of trade in goods and services. Cross-border commodity flows are increasingly different from the financial and accounting flows which affects the economic development in time and space”, added A. Ballek.

The DGINS conference (from French – the highest representatives of national statistical institutes) is the most prestigious forum for the exchange of views on the development of the European Statistical System (ESS). It is held once a year, now for the first time in Slovakia, in Bratislava.

The event gathered besides the presidents of the statistical institutes of the EU Member States and also the European Free Trade Association and candidate countries, also the Representatives of the European Commission (Eurostat), the European Central Bank, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

The conference “Impacts of globalization on statistics” will be held in Bratislava on 9-10 October 2019.

On Friday, 11 October 2019, the program will include a meeting of the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) which is a strategic and managing body.

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