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1.1 Organization The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
1.2 Address Miletičova 3, 824 67 Bratislava
1.3 Contact name Ivana Hamanová
1.4 Organization unit Cross-sectional Statistics Department
1.5 Phone number +421 2 50236 341; +421 2 50236 339
1.6 Email address info@statistics.sk
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2.1 Date of last update 07.09.2020
Statistical presentationUp
3.1  Data description

Data for Air transport include the following indicators:

  • Number of aircraft

  • Airport performances

  • Transport of goods

  • Performances in ton-kilometers

  • Transported passengers

  • Performances in passenger-kilometers.

3.2  Classification system

Sectoral classification of economic activities (SK NACE Rev. 2).

Classification of statistical territorial units.

3.3  Sector coverage

Enterprises with principal activity in Divisions 51 of NACE Rev. 2.

Enterprises with principal activity in other Divisions of NACE Rev.2. and a valid Air transport license.

3.4  Statistical concepts and definitions

Transport of goods expresses real mass of transported goods (load) realized by means of particular kind of transport by the communication. It is surveyed according to the commodity groups.

Performances in ton-kilometres present value of total transported performances in ton-kilometres carried out by freight transport means of particular kind of transport. They are calculated (tons x kilometres) for every journey individually.

Transported passengers present the total number of transported persons in national or international transport.

Passenger-kilometres express the value of transport performances in passenger transport. One passenger-kilometre is equal to transport of one person per 1 kilometre distance.

3.5  Statistical unit

The statistical unit is the enterprise.

3.6  Statistical population

Enterprises operating Air transport on the basis of their principal activity or on the basis of a Air transport license.

3.7  Reference area

Data are available for the Slovak Republic total.

3.8  Time coverage

All relevant data are available since year 2004.

3.9  Base period

Not relevant.

Unit of measureUp

Units of measure:

  • Tons

  • Ton-kilometres

  • Passengers

  • Passenger-kilometres

  • Number.

Reference periodUp

Calendar year.

Institutional mandateUp
6.1  Legal acts and other agreements

National level:

European level:

6.2  Data sharing

The required variables are sent to Eurostat and to other national information system needs organizations.

Confidentiality Up
7.1  Confidentiality - policy

Protection of statistical confidentiality (protection of confidential statistical data) is a system of interrelated measures in the legislative, methodological, organizational, technical, security and personnel fields, preventing the leakage of confidential statistical data or the premature publication of statistical information. Authorities performing state statistics are obliged to ensure the protection of confidential statistical data from misuse in the manner set out in § 25a and § 29 and 30 of Act No. 540/2001 Coll. on State Statistics, as amended.

The principles of the application of confidential statistical data protection are available on the website of the SO SR at:


7.2  Confidentiality - data treatment

Confidential statistical data are not disclosed. In the publications and databases of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the symbol "D" is placed in the respective places instead of the data.

Release policyUp
8.1  Release calendar

Data on Air transport (indicators mentioned in point 3.1) are published annually at national level.

8.2  Release calendar access


8.3  User access

The statistical information dissemination policy is formulated in accordance with the State Statistics Act, the Statistical Office Development Strategy, the Eurostat Information Dissemination Strategy and the European Statistics Code of Practice.

The principles of publishing and providing statistical information are available on the website of the Statistical Office of the SR at:


Frequency of disseminationUp

Data on Air transport (indicators mentioned in point 3.1) are published annually at national level.

10  Accessibility and clarityUp
10.1  News release


10.2  Publications

Yearbook of transport, posts and telecommunication

10.3  On-line database


10.4  Micro-data access


10.5  Other


10.6  Documentation on methodology

Methodological information on Air transport statistics can be found in the survey forms Dop 4-12 and Dop 9-01, in publications and tables of the public database of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

Statistical Questionnaires

10.7  Quality documentation

Internal documentation of the Statistical Office of the SR on ensuring the quality of statistical outputs:

  • internal Methodological directive for application of mathematical - statistical methods for statistical surveys MET-3/2012,

  • internal methodological directive - Quality indicators of statistical outputs and statistical processes MET-2/2012.

On a yearly basis, quality reports are prepared in the ESS Metadata Handler for individual indicators in accordance with the ESS Handbook for Quality Reports (EQHQR) based on Eurostat requirements.

11  Quality managementUp
11.1  Quality assurance

The SO SR has a quality management system in place. The Quality Manual includes a description of the quality management system and the fulfillment of ISO 9001 requirements. The application of the Manual ensures that all activities that affect the quality of the products being produced are planned, managed, reviewed, evaluated and meet the requirements accepted in the order.

The Quality Guide is available at:

https://slovak.statistics.sk/wps/wcm/connect/9ca43aa4-bfaf-4101-9dae-5263aa834df7/ Prirucka_kvality.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CVID=mu8R9IM&CVID=mu8R9IM

The basis of the whole quality management system is the Code of Practice for European Statistics:


11.2  Quality assessment

The quality of Air transport statistics is very good, harmonized with the methodology of the EU Member States. The process of data collection and output generation is ensured within the integrated statistical information system, which incorporates data collection controllers and output generation algorithms that ensure the quality of output information. In order to evaluate the quality, the system has statistics on return, completed questionnaires, number of erroneous questionnaires, number of claims, etc.

12  Relevance Up
12.1  User needs

The key users of Air transport statistics are:

  • Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic

  • Universities and research institutions

12.2  User satisfaction

User satisfaction is monitored via “Survey on satisfaction of users with products and services of the SO SR” conducted regularly with two-year periodicity. Evaluation of the user satisfaction survey also includes satisfactions rate (overall and for specified areas as well as for groups of products) and it is submitted together with conclusions and suggestions for improvements to top management meeting for approval.

Result of the surveys are published on the website of the Statistical Office of the SR at:


12.3  Completeness

100% in comparison with the respective legislation.

13  Accuracy and reliabilityUp
13.1  Overall accuracy

The SO SR performs thorough verification of data in order to prevent the occurrence of errors.

13.2  Sampling error

The data are collected exhaustively for all Air transport enterprises on the basis of their principal activity or on the basis of Air transport license.

13.3  Non-sampling error

To avoid non-selectable errors, i. errors in the process of collection and processing The SO SR has integrated logical and data controls in the integrated statistical information system (IŠIS) at the level of micro-data as well as at the level of aggregated data that are performed during data collection and processing.

The electronic questionnaire itself provides many arithmetic and logical controls between variables that we distinguish between serious and informative. In the event of serious errors in the form, this is not accepted and, in consultation with the reporting agent, is corrected to be correct and entered into processing. With these tools we try to minimize errors already in the collection itself and then during data processing.

14  Timeliness and punctualityUp
14.1  Timeliness

Publication of data in the public database of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic „DATACUBE" is in accordance with the schedule of its updating.

14.2  Punctuality

Publication dates are respected.

15  Coherence and comparabilityUp
15.1  Comparability - geographical

The same statistical methods are applied for the entire area of Slovak Republic.

15.2  Comparability - over time

Comparable time series are available since January 2004.

15.3  Coherence - cross domain


15.4  Coherence - internal

There are no deviations, statistical outputs are internally consistent.

16  Cost and burdenUp

Estimation is based on the time required to complete the questionnaire provided by respondents.

Average hours worked by one respondent in completing the questionnaire are 47 minutes.

17  Data revisionUp
17.1  Data revision - policy

The revision policy governs the basic rules and general procedures by which the pre-drafted data is later revised as well as applied in revisions for other reasons.

The revision policy and calendar is available on the SO SR website at:


17.2  Data revision - practice

The primary source of routine revisions is the need of data revisions due to data available from quarterly enterprise surveys, new data received from reporting units or corrected data from reporting units. The revised data for the last 3 months of the quarter are published together with the preliminary results of the following month. The publication of the revised data is done periodically in line with Calendar of revisions.

In the event of any revision (even in previous years), a note is given in the databases and in the relevant SO SR publications that the data have been revised.

18  Statistical processingUp
18.1  Source data

Statistical surveys:

  • Dop 4 - 12 - Monthly questionnaire on airports
  • Dop 9 - 01 - Annual questionnaire in air transport


18.2  Frequency of data collection

Monthly, annual

18.3  Data collection

Data collection is provided by specialized office of the SO SR. Electronic data collection is obligatory from 1 January 2016 in accordance with the obligation stipulated by the Act of the Slovak National Council no. Amending and supplementing the Act of the Slovak National Council no. 540/2001 Coll. Data should be submitted on the 17th calendar day following the end of the reference month. Non-responders are informed of their reporting obligation and contact their affiliates again. Most of the errors are directly consulted with the reporting agents.

18.4  Data validation

Data validation is embedded in the integrated statistical information system of the SO SR.

The following checks are distinguished when collecting data:

  1. -  formal checks carried out automatically in the data collection process

  2. -  informal controls to check the complexity and relationships between variables.

From the point of view of the severity of errors:

I - Informatic Errors - Provide additional information that is needed for the process of checking    and correcting data. They provide information on possible overruns of specified limits, partial non- response, etc.

Z - material errors - indicating specific errors that need to be corrected or justified by the reporting agent. These errors are discussed by the SO SR staff with the reporting unit and corrected.

The ISIS system also defines controls and algorithms for creating outputs that ensure their desired quality.

18.5  Data compilation

The survey is exhaustive. The collected data are summarized.

18.6  Adjustment

Data are not being adjusted.

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