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11.12.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Information Reports | Industry

Industrial production in October 2023

After a month, the industry returned to positive values, mainly affected by the 12% higher manufacture of motor vehicles.

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08.12.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Foreign trade | Information Reports

Foreign trade – preliminary results in October and detailed data in the first nine months of 2023

Slovakia's foreign trade is in surplus for the ninth consecutive month, in October it amounted to EUR 548 million.

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07.12.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Construction | Information Reports

Housing construction in the 3rd quarter 2023

Housing construction started decreasing, its start-up and completion slowed significantly year-on-year.

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06.12.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Trade and food services | Information Reports

Turnover in internal trade in October 2023

In October, retail turnover decreased the least this year, supported by a rise in turnover of hyper- and supermarket.

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05.12.2023 Statistical Office of the SR | Information Reports | National accounts

Gross domestic product in the 3rd quarter of 2023

The Slovak economy rose at a more moderate pace, but maintained a growth above 1%.


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01.12.2023 | Statistical Office of the SR | yearly | Comprehensive products | Yearbook

Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 2023

The most extensive publication of the Statistical Office of the SR brings thousands of data about Slovakia for 2022 and previous four years.

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30.11.2023 | Science, technology and innovation | Statistical Office of the SR | yearly | Yearbook

Yearbook of science and technology in the SR 2023

Yearbook contains results of Research and Development survey for last five years presented in tables and graphs.

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30.11.2023 | Statistical Office of the SR | yearly | Labour cost | Publication - Data overview

Total Labour Costs in the Slovak Republic in 2022

Results of the sample survey on total labour costs paid by an employer per employees, (wage and other costs by individual items) classified by SK...

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30.11.2023 | yearly | Gender aspect | Regional Office Košice | Yearbook

Women and Men in Slovakia 2023

Comprehensive overview of statistical information characterising the status of women and men in contemporary society.

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30.11.2023 | Region of Košice | yearly | Regional Office Košice | Yearbook

Regional capital city Košice 2022

A comprehensive overview of statistical information on demographic, economic and social development of Košice city.

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