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19.08.2019 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics

Harmonized indices of consumer prices in July 2019

In July 2019 the annual inflation rate measured by harmonized index of consumer prices reached the value 3,0 %.

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15.08.2019 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Industry

New orders in industry in June 2019

In June 2019 compared with June 2018, new orders in industry decreased in constant prices by 8,7 %.

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14.08.2019 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | National accounts

Flash estimate of Gross domestic product and Total employment by ESA 2010 in the 2nd quarter of 2019

The volume of Gross domestic product in the second quarter of 2019 according to flash estimate procedure in comparison with the second quarter of 2018 increased at constant prices by 1,9 %.

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13.08.2019 Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics

Development of core and net inflation in July 2019

In July 2019, year-on-year inflation rate reached 2,9 % in total. Core inflation reached 2,5 % and net inflation 1,9 %.

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13.08.2019 Headquarters Bratislava | Spotrebiteľské ceny a ceny produkčných štatistík | Information Reports

Development of consumer prices in July 2019

In July 2019 compared with July 2018, consumer prices increased by 2,9 %, in total.


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19.08.2019 | Headquarters Bratislava | Publication - Data overview | monthly | Tourism

Tourism development in accommodation establishments in the SR 6/2019

Data on visitors in accommodation establishments by country of permanent residence and basic capacity data for the Slovak Republic

Výberové indexy cien v zahraničnom obchode Slovenskej republiky/SAMPLE PRICE INDICES IN FOREIGN TRADE OF THE SLOVAK REPUBLIC

16.08.2019 | Headquarters Bratislava | Publication - Data overview | monthly | Foreign trade

Sample price indices in foreign trade of the Slovak Republic 5/2019

Sample price indices are compiled on the basis of selected products covering chapters of the Harmonised System. Indices are constructed separately…

Stavebná produkcia zamestnanci a mzdy v stavebných podnikoch SR

15.08.2019 | Headquarters Bratislava | Construction | Publication - Data overview | monthly

Construction Production, Employees and Wages in Construction Companies in the SR, June 2019

Summary monthly results on construction.

Vybrané ukazovatele a priemyselná produkcia / Selected Indicators and Industrial Production

15.08.2019 | Headquarters Bratislava | Publication - Data overview | monthly | Industry

Selected indicators and industrial production 5/2019

Development of selected indicators of the Slovak industry, reported for companies with main industrial activity, including self-employed persons; ...

Indexy cien poľnohospodárskych výrobkov v SR

31.07.2019 | Headquarters Bratislava | Publication - Data overview | monthly | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics

Producer price indices of agricultural products in the SR num. 6/2019

Monthly producer price indices of agricultural products, their aggregates, agricultural prices in the Slovak Republic by regions.

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