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Development of consumer prices in June 2020

Development of consumer prices in June 2020

Last update: 14.07.2020
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Publisher: Headquarters Bratislava
Topic: Macroeconomic statistics
Domain: Consumer prices and prices of production statistics
Publish Date: 14.07.2020

In June compared with May, consumer prices decreased by 0,1 % in total and compared with June 2019, they rose by 1,8 %.

Compared with May, in particular, prices of Food and non-alcoholic beverages (milk, meat, oils and fats, bread and cereals), they grew mainly in health (mostly dental and outpatient services). Compared with June last year, prices rose mainly of miscellaneous goods and services and of education.

Measures due to the coronavirus pandemic were gradually released in June, shops and services (restaurants, hotels, hairdressing, recreational and cultural services) and shopping centers have already started reopening. Field surveys began to be carried out again (except the survey of air transport prices).

The discrepancies in the month-on-month comparison were caused by the calculation of the consumer price index due to the comparison of prices collected in a different way. While prices in June were surveyed in the standard way, the May prices were replaced by prices from other available sources (e.g. store websites, telephone and e-mail surveys, scanner data).

Development of consumer prices in June compared with May 2020

The month-on-month development of inflation resulted in a higher prices in the divisions of health by 1,2 %, miscellaneous goods and services by 1,1 %; transportation by 0,9 %; restaurants and hotels by 0,7 %; furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance by 0,6 %; housing, water electricity, gas and other fuels by 0,1 %. At the same time, prices dropped in the division of food and non-alcoholic beverages by 1,5 %; clothing and footwear by 0,6 %; alcoholic beverages and tobacco; recreation and culture equally by 0,4 %; education by 0,2 %. Prices of communications remained at the level of May.

A decrease of  food prices by 1,6 % was affected by lower prices of vegetables (including potatoes) by 8,5 %; milk, cheese and eggs by 1,9 %; meat, oils and fats equally by 1,8 %,  bread and cereals by 1,5 %; sugar, jam, honey, syrups, chocolates and confectionery by 0,1 %. Prices of fruit rose by 3,6 %; fish by 2 %, food products n.e.c. by 0,1 %. Prices fell of non-alcoholic beverages by 0,9 % (mineral waters, soft drinks and vegetable juices by 0,9 %, coffee, tea and cocoa by 0,8 %).

Lower prices of vegetables were caused by a price decrease of cucumbers by 33,6 %, tomatoes by 25,1 %, pepper by 23,7 %, cauliflower by 13,7 %, parsley by 13,3 %, white cabbage by 4,5 %. Prices of carrots rose by 19,7 %, garlic by 8,2 %, potatoes by 6,8 %, celery, onions equally by 0,7 %. Price drop of meat was due to a lower prices of pork by 6,3 %, beef meat, poultry equally by 2,8 %. Prices of sausages rose by 0,5 %. An increased prices of fruit were caused by higher prices of watermelon by 25,1 %, tangerines by 12,4 %, kiwi by 5,6 %, apples by 4,7 %, table grapes by 2,9 %, oranges by 1,4 %. Prices of bananas dropped by 7,1 %, lemons by 0,6 %.

Lower prices in the division of alcoholic beverages and tobacco were affected by a price drop of alcoholic beverages by 0,9 % (beer by 1,4 %, spirits by 0,7 %, wine by 0,4 %). Prices of tobacco were unchanged.

Lower prices in the division of clothing and footwear were influenced by a decrease in prices of clothing by 1,1 %. Prices of footwear rose by 0,7 %.

Higher prices in the division of housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels were affected by a price increase of materials for maintenance and repair of the dwelling by 0,7 %; actual rental paid by tenants; services for maintenance and repair of the dwelling; waste collection equally by 0,4 %; imputed rentals of owner-occupiers by 0,3 %; solid fuels by 0,2 %. Prices of other services related to the dwelling dropped by 1,5 %. Prices of water supply, sewerage; electricity, gas and heat energy remained at the level of the previous month.

Higher prices in the  health division were the result of increased prices of outpatient services by 2,1 % (dental services by 2,8 %, medical services by 0,5 %, prices of middle medical staff services –thermal bath by 0,2 %); hospital services by 1,4 %; medical products, medical appliances and equipment by 1 % (other medical products by 1,3 %, pharmaceutical products by 1 %, therapeutic appliances and equipment by 0,8 %).

A price increase in transport was caused by higher prices of operation of personal transport equipment by 1,7 % (prices of fuels and lubricants for personal transport equipment  rose by 2,1 %, prices of maintenance and repair by 1,4 %; other services related to personal transport equipment by 1,3 %, prices of spare parts and accessories dropped by 0,7 %); prices of transport service activities by 0,1 % (prices of other purchased transport services by 1,9 %, prices of passenger transport by road by 0,1 %). Prices of purchase of transport equipment decreased by 0,2 % (prices of second-hand motor vehicles dropped by 0,9 %, prices of bikes rose by 0,8 %).

Lower prices in the division of recreation and culture were affected by a decrease in prices of other recreational items and equipment for gardens and pets by 2,4 %.

A price drop in the education division was due to lower prices of tertiary education (payment for admission tests to university by 0,9 %); education non-definable by level equally by 0,4 % (fee for language course by 0,8 %); pre-primary education by 0,1 % (fee in kindergarten by 0,1 %). Prices of primary education rose by 0,3 % (fee in child care by 0,3 %).

Higher prices in the division of restaurants and hotels were affected by a price increase of catering services by 0,8 % (payment for meals in canteens for pensioners by 3,4 %, restaurants, cafes by 0,9 %, canteens by 0,4 %). Prices of accommodation services remained unchanged.

A rise in prices in the division of miscellaneous goods and services was influenced by higher prices of personal care by 1,4 %; financial services n.e.c. by 1,2 % (financial services provided by banks by 1,3 %; social protection by 0,6 % (payment in day-care centre by 2 %, payment for personal care by 1,4 %; payment in social service facilities by 0,5 %, payment in day nursery by 0,2 %). Prices of insurance dropped by 1,3 % (prices of motor vehicles by 1,8 %)

In June compared with May, consumer price index decreased in households of employees and in low-income households equally by 0,1 %, in households of pensioners by 0,2 %.

Development of prices in June 2020 compared with June 2019

In year-on-year comparison, consumer prices increased in the divisions of miscellaneous goods and services by 4,6 %; education by 4,5 %; food and non-alcoholic beverages;  housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels; health equally by 2,6 %; communications by 2 %; furnishings, household equipment and regular household maintenance, recreation and culture; restaurants and hotels equally by 1,8 %; alcoholic beverages and tobacco by 0,9 %. Prices of transport dropped by 5,4 %, of clothing and footwear by 0,2 %.

On average, over the first six months of 2020 compared with the same period of 2019, consumer prices increased by 2,3 % in total. 

In June 2020, index of consumer prices increased, year-on-year in households of employees by 1,7 %, in households of pensioners by 2,1 % and in low-income households by 1,9 %.

On average, over the first six months of 2020 compared with the same period of 2019, index of consumer prices increased in households of employees by 2,3 %, in household of pensioners by 2,6 % and in low-income households by 2,4 %.

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