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Turnover in selected sectors of economy in September 2022
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Turnover in selected sectors of economy in September 2022

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Turnover in industry and transport maintained higher double-digit growth in September

In September, turnover grew, year-on-year, in four of the five monitored sectors of the economy. It rose by double digits in industry, transportation and storage, as well as in information and communication. It reached a year-on-year higher value after four months in construction as well. Only selected market services continued to record a decline in turnover.

Industry, as the most important sector in the structure of the economy, maintained a double-digit year-on-year growth in turnover in September 2022 for the second consecutive month, it currently reached 15.1%. A positive result was recorded by 12 out of 16 monitored industrial sectors1).

The result was most significantly influenced by a dynamic growth of turnover in manufacture of transport equipment by 38.3% and higher increase in turnover in manufacture of metals by 15.4%. The result was also positively affected by double-digit growth in manufacture of machinery as well as manufacture of electrical equipment. On the contrary, the even better development of turnover was hindered by a decrease in manufacture of computer products by 16.5%, as well as in electricity and gas supply by 5.4%.

Turnover of selected market services as the second strongest sector by volume declined for the third month in a row and in September 2022 it decreased by 4.3% year-on-year. This result was primarily due to a drop in turnover of more than 20% in administrative and other business support activities, as well as a double-digit decrease in turnover of companies operating in legal and accounting activities. However, turnover in travel agency activities grew again year-on-year, in September it was more than double compared to the last year's values, but after recalculation to constant prices, it continued to lag behind September in pre-pandemic year 2019 by about a quarter.

Companies operating in transportation and storage maintained a high, up to a quarter growth rate of turnover, but compared to August, the growth dynamics slowed down. All five components of this sector grew, but the positive result was mainly affected by the two most significant components in terms of volume - land transport and transport via pipeline (a 24.9% growth), warehousing and support activities for transportation (a 20.7% growth).

The sector of information and communication activities continued with double-digit growth in turnover, in September 2022 it increased by 17.9% year-on-year. All components of the sector rose again, but the overall positive result was most considerably affected by computer programming with a year-on-year increase of 23,2% and telecommunication with a rise of 8,4 %.

Turnover in construction broke a four-month wave of declines and rose by 3.2% year-on-year in September 2022.

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Development in September 2022 compared to August 2022

After adjusting for seasonal effects, turnover rose in information and communication activities, as well as in construction, by an identical 0.6% month-on-month. A month-on-month decrease in turnover was recorded in industry by 0.7%, in selected market services by 1.8% and in transportation and storage by 3.1%.

Development for the first nine months of 2022

In total, for the first nine months of 2022, turnover increased, year-on-year, in double digits in transportation and storage by 26.9%, as well as in information and communication activities by 14.3%. The most significant industry in terms of volume reached a cumulative year-on-year increase in turnover of 7.8%, and turnover of selected market services rose by 1.6%. A decrease in turnover by 1.8% was recorded in construction.

  • 1) Structure of industry according to the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, SK NACE Rev. 2 consists of three sections - Mining and quarrying, Manufacturing and Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air conditioning Supply. Manufacturing is further divided into 13 manufacturing industries, or individual industrial groupings.

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Since 2022, selected market services include business entities that are classified into the divisions 68 to 82 according to the main economic activity of SK NACE. Due to decreasing the burden of the business environment, data are not available on turnover for subjects classified into SK NACE divisions 85 to 96. Turnover therefore do not include information for education (SK NACE division 85), arts, entertainment and recreation, including gaming and betting activities (SK NACE divisions 90 - 93). Also, turnover of enterprises for other activities (SK NACE 95 and 96) to which they belonged among others laundry and dry cleaning, hairdressing and beauty treatment, funeral services, well - being services and other services of predominantly personal nature.

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