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New orders in industry in July 2022
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New orders in industry in July 2022

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In July 2022 new industrial orders returned to growth

The value of new orders in industry increased by 3.4% year-on-year during the seventh month and reached a volume1) of EUR 4.7 billion. After seasonal adjustment, new orders in industry increased by 2.6% in July 2022 compared to June 2022.2)

New orders started to grow again in July, with half of the 12 monitored sectors experiencing year-on-year increases. Orders increased year-on-year the most in manufacture of transport equipment and in manufacture of machinery and equipment. Orders decreased year-on-year mainly in manufacture of basic metals and in manufacture of chemicals and chemical products.

  • 1) data are seasonally adjusted by the programme JDEMETRA+ and during the processing of each month they are re-adjusted from the beginning of time series.
  • 2) absolute data are collected for selected divisions according to SK NACE Rev. 2 at current prices, indi-ces are calculated from data at constant prices (December 2015 = 100)

Data source-DATAcube. Database

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