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Foreign trade detailed data in July 2021 and in the first seven months of 2021
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Foreign trade detailed data in July 2021 and in the first seven months of 2021

Last update: 08.10.2021
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Publisher: Headquarters Bratislava
Topic: Macroeconomic statistics
Domain: Foreign trade
Publish Date: 08.10.2021

In July, compared to the same period last year, total exports of goods increased by 10.9 % to EUR 6,719 million and total imports increased by 19 % to EUR 6,741 million. The foreign trade balance was in deficit in the amount of EUR 22 million.

The foreign trade balance for January to July 2021 was in surplus in the amount of EUR 1,866.8 million (by EUR 979.3 million higher than in the same period last year).

The highest surplus of the Slovak Republic was with Germany (EUR 1,711.4 million), France (EUR 1,669.9 million), Poland (EUR 1,493.3 million), Hungary (EUR 1,469.3 million), Austria (EUR 1,403.4 million), the United Kingdom (EUR 1,347.7 million), the United States (EUR 1,150.7 million), the Czech Republic (EUR 930.1 million), Italy ( EUR 711.4 million), the Netherlands (EUR 488.8 million), Sweden (EUR 474.5 million), and Romania (EUR 445 million). The highest deficit was with the Republic of Korea (EUR 2,472.5 million), Vietnam (EUR 2,150.5 million), the Russian Federation (EUR 1,918.3 million), China (EUR 1,822.5 million), Malaysia (EUR 442.8 million) and Taiwan (EUR 203 million).

Goods in the amount of EUR 50,933.5 million were exported from the Slovak Republic. Compared to the same period in 2020, total exports increased by 26.8 %.

In terms of goods, exports of passenger cars and other motor vehicles designed mainly for the transport of persons increased by EUR 3,836.4 million, parts, components and accessories of motor vehicles by EUR 887.8 million, monitors and projectors, television sets by EUR 630.3 million, flat-rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel, hot-rolled by EUR 441 million and motor vehicles for freight transport by EUR 250.3 million. Exports of medicines in measuring doses or packages for retail sale decreased the most by EUR 62.2 million, railway or tramway goods vans and wagons, not self-propelled by EUR 29.7 million and soybean oil and its fractions by EUR 27.1 million.

Within the most important trading partners, exports to Germany increased by 28.2 %, the Czech Republic by 30.4 %, Poland by 29.8 %, France by 24.6 %, Hungary by 22.8 %, Austria by 14.1 %, Italy by 36.2 %, the United Kingdom by 16.7 %, the United States by 47.8 %, China by 67.8 %. Exports to Denmark decreased by 7.4 %, the Republic of Korea by 7.8 % and Norway by 22 %.

As for the main economic groupings, exports to EU countries increased by 25.9 % (accounting for 79.2 % of total Slovak exports) and to OECD countries by 26 % (representing 87.3 % of total Slovak exports).

Goods in the amount of EUR 49,066.7 million were imported to the Slovak Republic, there was a year-on-year growth of 24.9 %.

In terms of goods, imports of parts and accessories of motor vehicles increased by EUR 1,439.1 million, wires and cables by EUR 479.6 million, electric accumulators, including separators thereof by EUR 432.7 million, oil gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons by EUR 370 million, iron ores and concentrates, including roasted pyrites by EUR 344.2 million. Imports of telephone sets, including telephones for the cellular network, decreased significantly by EUR 98.2 million and machines for moulding articles in paper pulp, paper or paperboard by EUR 72.3 million.

In relation to the most important trading partners, imports from Germany increased by 53.9 %, the Czech Republic by 15 %, China by 26.1 %, the Russian Federation by 36.5 %, Poland by 13.3 %, the Republic of Korea by 29.3 %, Vietnam by 8.8 %, France by 18.6 % and Italy by 21.4 %. Imports from Hungary decreased by 15.4 % and from Switzerland by 0.8 %.

In terms of main economic groupings, compared to the same period of 2020, imports from EU countries increased by 24.7 % (representing 66 % of total imports) and from OECD countries by 23.1 % (accounting for 65.8 % of total imports from the Slovak Republic).

Note: Data are preliminary at current prices in the FOB-type value. Information was processed by the Statistical Office of the SR on the basis of data from the Customs Section of the Financial Directorate of the SR obtained within the customs clearance and INTRASTAT-SK declarations, which are provided by consignee and consignor of goods.



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