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Employment in the 1st quarter of 2019

Employment in the 1st quarter of 2019

Last update: 16.01.2020
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Publisher: Headquarters Bratislava
Topic: Demographic and social statistics
Domain: Labour
Publish Date: 06.06.2019

(according to Labour Force Sample Survey) 1)

The year-on-year growth of the employment, according to the Labour Force Sample Survey (LFSS), speeded up by 0,6 p.p. to 1,8 % compared with the 1st quarter of 2018.   The number of the employed  2) rose by 45,8 thous. in absolute terms to 2 588,4 thous. persons. Compared with the 4th quarter of 2018, the seasonally adjusted total employment increased by 0,3 %, or by 8,8 thous. to 2 595,9 thous. persons. After excluding the number of persons working abroad, the employment in Slovakia increased by 2,6 % to 2 462 thous. persons.

In terms of structure of the employed, the total employment growth was affected by higher number of employees by 41,9 thous. (by 1,9 %) to 2 212,1 thous. persons. The number of  entrepreneurs 3) also rose by 2,9 thous. persons (by 0,8 %) to 374,3 thous. persons as a result of higher number of entrepreneurs with employees by 2,6 thous. to 74,4 thous. persons and entrepreneurs without employees by 0,3 thous. to 299,9 thous. persons.

Regarding sectors, the highest employment was recorded in industry 26,8 %, trade 12,1 % and in construction 9,1 % of the total employment. The year-on-year increase in the number of the employed was mostly affected by growing employment in the sector of services, it rose by 48,4 thous. to 1 592,9 thous. persons for the total sector. As for individual sectors of services, the highest increases were in education, professional, scientific and technical activities and in transportation and storage. The employment in agriculture was favorably developed, when the number of the employed increased by 6 thous. to 66,1 thous. persons after a long-term decrease.

Compared with the 1st quarter of 2018, the employment rate of persons in the age group 20-64  4) increased by 1,6 p.p. to 73,5 %. The employment rate of men rose by 1,5 p.p. to 79,9 % and the employment rate of women by 1,7 p.p. to 67 %.

Enployment rate

In terms of educational level at labour market, the highest increases were in the number of persons with university education (by 61,9 thous.) and with full secondary education with school leaving examination (by 40 thous.). On the contrary, the highest decrease (by 54,7 thous. persons) was recorded in the employed with secondary vocational education without school leaving examination.

According to the age structure, the employment increased most considerably in the number of the employed in the age group 35-49 by 24 thous. persons and in the age group 60 and over by 10,8 thous. persons. The number of the employed dropped in two age groups, at most in the age group 15-24 by 10,8 thous. persons.

The employment increased, year-on-year, in almost all of regions, relatively at most in Žilinský kraj (by 3,9 %) , Bratislavský kraj (by 3,8 %) and Košický kraj (by 3,5 %). The most significant increase of the employment rate was also in Žilinský and Košický kraj, equally by 2,9 p.p.. The highest employment rate (82 %) remained in Bratislavský kraj.

According to the LFSS 5), decrease in the number of the employed working abroad for less than one year continued also at the beginning of 2019. Compared with 1st quarter of 2018, their number decreased by 15,6 thous. to 126,4 thous. persons. The employed abroad worked mostly in industry (32,6 thous. persons), in construction (30,9 thous. persons) and in health and social work activities (22,6 thous. persons). In European countries, the most Slovak citizens were employed in Austria (40,5 thous. persons), in the Czech Republic (29,4 thous.) and in Germany (23,9 thous. persons). In terms of regions, the highest number of the employed (26,9 thous.) working abroad was from Prešovský kraj.

In the 1st quarter of 2019,  24 764 job vacancies   6) was offered in the SR economy, on average, it dropped by 0,1 % compared with the 1st quarter of 2018.  Job vacancies decreased mostly in manufacturing (by 650), accommodation and food service activities (by 370) and in trade (by 235).  Job vacancies increased mostly in transportation and storage (by 494) and in construction (by 493).

Note: 1) LFSS methodology is in accordance with international definitions and recommendations of the ILO and Eurostat
2)  according to the LFSS, the employed are all persons over 15 age, who perform work for 1 hour at least in surveyed (reference) week and who get wage, salary or other remuneration or bonus in order to gain profit, including persons performing a contractual work, seasonal workers, persons on maternity leave, persons employed abroad less than 1 year, persons commuting to work abroad and persons paid for activation works; respondents are included into sectors by economic activity of local unit, not the whole company
3) shareholders, self-employees, self-employed farmers, persons engaged in the liberal profession with one or major occupation
4) share of the employed in the age category 20–64 presented in percentages from the population of the same age
5) migration for work abroad lasting less than one year including unspecified time for journey to work
6) number of job vacancies - number of newly created, no occupied or vacant jobs by quarterly statistical statement including estimate for tradesmen
Source: SOSR, DATAcube. [pr0002qs]

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