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Definitive foreign trade data for 2021
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Definitive foreign trade data for 2021

Last update: 21.09.2022
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Publisher: Štatistický úrad SR
Topic: Macroeconomic statistics
Domain: Foreign trade
Publish Date: 21.09.2022

Last year, Slovakia's foreign trade reached a surplus of EUR 1.9 billion, which was almost half less than in 2020

The total export of goods from Slovakia increased by 16.6%, year-on-year, despite the pandemic and interruptions in supply chains, it rose by 16.6%. Rising prices of gas, electricity and oil contributed to a 19.4% increase in the total imports.

Goods in the amount of EUR 88.55 billion were exported from the Slovak Republic in 2021. Compared to 2020, the total exports increased by 16.6%. The import of goods was also significantly higher. Goods in the amount of EUR 86.68 billion were imported into the Slovak Republic, with a year-on-year growth of 19.4%. Thus, the foreign trade balance for 2021 was in surplus in the amount of EUR 1.88 billion (by EUR 1.44 billion less than in 2020). This is included in a release of definitive results on foreign trade of the SR in 2021, which were published by the Statistical Office of the SR in accordance with the Revision Calendar in 2022. It is an adjustment of the preliminary data that were published in March of this year.

The definitive results recorded that the export of goods with the highest value was exported from Slovakia to Germany and the neighboring countries, while its volume increased year-on-year. Year-on-year exports to Germany increased by 12%, Czechia by 29.3%, Poland by 24% and Hungary by 35%. France, Austria, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, and the Russian Federation were also among the most important trading partners in exports (according to the highest value of exported goods), while the value of all destinations increased year-on-year. On the contrary, exports to the United States of America decreased by 1.4%, the Republic of Korea by 18.9% and Norway by 22.1%.

From the point of view of the main economic groupings, almost 80% of the value of exported goods went to EU countries, and this value increased by 18.3% year-on-year. Exports to the OECD countries increased by 16.4% (it represented 87% of the total exports in the SR).

Imports also rose dynamically. Among the most important trading partners, goods with a higher value were imported from Germany by 21.9%, Czechia by 15.8%, and China by 28.3%. In fourth place was the import from the Russian Federation, which reported the highest year-on-year dynamics, goods in the value of 63.3% more than in 2020 were imported. The top 10 countries from which we imported goods also included Poland, the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, France, Italy, Austria and Romania. A year-on-year decrease was recorded in imports from Hungary by 7.2%, the United Kingdom by 9.8% and Switzerland by 3.4%.

From the point of view of the main economic groupings, compared to 2020, imports from EU countries increased by 15.1% (accounted for more than 64% of the total imports) and from OECD countries by 15.4% (accounted for almost 65% of the total imports in the SR).

The Slovak Republic recorded the highest positive balance with Hungary (EUR 3.27 billion), Germany (EUR 2.88 billion), France (EUR 2.73 billion), Austria (EUR 2.58 billion) and Poland (EUR 2.54 billion).The SR also recorded a positive balance with the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Czechia, Italy, Romania and Switzerland.

The highest deficit was recorded with the Republic of Korea (EUR 4.34 billion), the Russian Federation (EUR 4.22 billion), China (EUR 4.04 billion), Vietnam (EUR 3.91 billion), Malaysia (EUR 755 .9 million), and Taiwan (EUR 403.9 million).

Note: Data are preliminary (in FOB type value at current prices) prepared by the Statistical Office of the SR on the basis of data from the Customs Section of the Financial Directorate of the SR obtained within the customs procedure and from INTRASTAT-SK reports provided by the consignees and consignors of goods. In the OECD data, Costa Rica was included from January 2021 (it is a member of the OECD from 25 May 2021).

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The Statistical Office of the SR has updated the annual data for 2021 in all sections cubes of section 2 – Macroeconomic statistics/2.2. – foreign trade/2.2.2 – Annual data:

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