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Calibration of weights of statistical surveys - Calif
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Calibration of weights of statistical surveys - Calif

Last update: 19.11.2021

Statistical Office of the SR prepared in R software open source tool Calif, which is a Shiny web application for calibration of weights of statistical surveys.

Licence: GPL-3

GitHub Repository:

Calif makes use of R packages shiny, sampling, nleqslv and haven, which are required to be installed first.

Calif can be run by these ways:

  1. Open R and run
    shiny::runGitHub('Calif', 'SO-SR', destdir = getwd(), launch.browser = TRUE)
    You need to have installed shiny package first with this option.
  2. In case of error, you could try
    shiny::runUrl('', filetype = '.zip', destdir = getwd(), launch.browser = TRUE)
  3. Alternatively, open R, source the attached Calif 4.0.R code and enter calif() in the console. All required packages should be installed automatically (if proxy settings allow it).

Calif runs in your web browser, in order to guarantee a proper functioning make sure you are using the latest version of the browser. Once Calif is launched, the whole session is undertaken locally within R (in the background) and no data is sent outside your PC (a web browser just serves for displaying the GUI).

The information on Calif and its installation can be found in the Manual. For questions, comments and bug fixes visit or contact the SO SR.

Calif Manual  (pdf - 1,20 MB)

calif (R - 26 kB)


The overview of Calif:

Ilustratívny obrázok/Illustrative image


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