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Final thesis
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Final thesis

Last update: 23.06.2023

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic shall provide access to confidential statistical data for the preparation of a bachelor's and master's thesis exclusively by making it available in the Research Data Centre (RDC).

The applicant properly completes the Application for the Provision of Confidential Statistical Data for Scientific Purposes (for the preparation of the thesis) (DOCX 193 kB)  (ODT 124 kB) and encloses it with:

  1. written confirmation that the student or graduate named in the application is a student or graduate of the college,
  2. written confirmation from the university that the topic of the thesis or rigorous dissertation being prepared by the student or graduate has been announced by the university.

Any questions regarding the application, the availability of microdata for the purpose of the thesis and how to provide them can be sent to

/wps/portal/ext/services/microdata/Z%C3%A1vere%C4%8Dn%C3%A9%20pr%C3%A1ce Final thesis Z6_VLP8BB1A0851F062G7I57124L7 /Štatistický úrad SR - Home /Services /Conditions for granting access /Final thesis