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Foreign Trade - Intrastat-SK

Foreign Trade - Intrastat-SK

Last update: 29.01.2019

INTRASTAT system is a statistical survey that allows collection, processing and dissemination of data related to the trading of goods between EU Member States. For Slovakia this denotes statistical survey on arrivals and dispatches between Slovakia and EU Member States. The INTRASTAT replaces a monitoring of goods mentioned above that was carried out by force of customs statistics. Instead of expression “import” is used “arrival” and “export” is replaced by “dispatch”.

Obligation to provide data is set according to PSI’s (Provider of Statistical Information) annual value of arrivals or dispatches. Member States shall define each year thresholds below which these PSIs are exempted from providing INTRASTAT information. For that purpose the Statistical Office of SR annually sets the exemption thresholds separately for arrivals and dispatches.

For the year 2019 the exemption thresholds had been set to 200 000 EUR for arrivals of goods and 400 000 EUR for dispatches.

PSI, whose value of arrivals or dispatches during the previous calendar year or the cumulative value of arrivals or dispatches since the beginning of the year exceeds the exemption thresholds, is obliged to provide Declaration on arrival of goods (model form INTRASTAT 1-12) and/or Declaration on dispatch of goods (model form INTRASTAT 2-12).

Information about PSIs needed for realisation of this statistical survey will be recorded in the Register of foreign trade.

Information received within INTRASTAT-SK system will be saved into a foreign trade database together with data from trading with Non-Member States. These data will be processed aggregate foreign trade statistics.

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  • E-mail:
  • Tel.: +421 2 50236 277
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