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Statistical Office SR


Last update: 03.03.2021

If is the company registered for Slovak VAT and reach turnover from deliveries to Slovakia exceeds our exemption threshold 200 000 EUR and reach turnover from dispatches exceeds our exemption threshold 400 000 EUR, the company should firstly registered in our office (Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic - SO SR). Questionare must be saved to a computer and sent after completed.

  • e-mail to:
  • or post to the adress:
  • Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
  • External trade Statistics Department
  • Lamačská cesta 3/C
  • 840 05 Bratislava 45

After registration we send you the username and password for electronical sending the INTRASTAT-SK declaration.

Questionnaire (rtf - 115 kB) (pdf - 150 kB)

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