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26.04.2023 |

Statistics in the field of education includes two areas – Education statistics and School statistics.

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic conducts sample surveys within the framework of education statistics, which are part of the European Statistical System. The legal basis of these surveys are the respective framework regulations of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) and subsequent implementing regulations of the European Commission.

Adult Education Survey provides information every six years on opportunities and experiences with adult education, on willingness, needs and obstacles to participation in this education. The key information is the participation of the population in formal and non-formal education as well as in in-formal learning during the last 12 months, broken down by age, gender, education and economic status. The survey is carried out by employees of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic in approximately 5 000 households in Slovakia. Data collection is ensured by the interviewer in the form of an interview with a selected member of the household aged 18-69 and recording his answers in the questionnaire. The obtained data are grossed up to the total population in the Slovak Republic, adjusted for persons living in collective households (institutions).

Continuing Vocational Training Survey provides information in 5-year cycles on educational activities provided by employers with the aim of increasing the expertise of their employees. The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic collects data from approx. 3 thousand organizations with 10 or more employees through electronic data collection under the integrated statistical information system.

School statistics provide information on the activities of state, private, church schools and school facilities. It mainly includes data on kindergartens, primary, secondary and higher schools, school meals, scholarships and school facilities.

The source of information is the administrative data sources of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic (, processed by its directly managed organization "Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic (CVTI SR)".

Outputs from administrative data sources can be found at

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