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Social Protection
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Social Protection

30.10.2019 | | Number of views: 103692

Social protection statistics include in particular statistics of compulsory social insurance, statistics of the system of social security benefits, and statistics of social services.

In the frame of compulsory social insurance statistics, data on insured persons, payers of premiums, volume of premiums as well as analogical data on pension saving and supplementary pension saving are collected.

Statistics of social security benefits include data on social insurance beneficiaries and benefits, benefits of state social support and social assistance. Data on beneficiaries and benefits of pension saving and supplementary pension saving are collected too.

Social services statistics mainly include data on social services provided in social service facilities and outside of them (e. g. nursing service). These data are linked to the structure of the social service facilities, their capacities, clients, revenues and expenditures.

From the reason of monitoring the social protection development in the EU Member States, European Commission demands accessibility to current and detailed data and information on social protection. The European system of integrated social protection statistics is one from basic statistical instruments.

For the first time in the 2008 collection (data for 2006) ESSPROS data (modules: expenditure and receipts, qualitative information, pension beneficiaries and net benefits) have been collected and disseminated according to the following legislation:

- Regulation (EC) No 458/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 April 2007 on the European system of integrated social protection statistics (ESSPROS).

- Commission Regulations (EC) No 1322/2007, No 10/2008, No 110/2011 and No 263/2011 implementing the EP and Council Regulation.

Another data sources of these statistics are:

Social Insurance Agency
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Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family SR

Central Office of Labour, Social Affair and Family


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