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14.02.2017 |

The basic areas of information in environmental statistics are the following: waste, air emissions and air quality, water quality and wastewater, economical tools in the environmental protection and environmental accounts.

Waste statistics produces data on waste generated by economic activities in the Slovak republic (industrial waste) and data on municipal waste generated in municipalities and also information on waste treatment.

Air emissions statistics balances the pollutants and the greenhouse gases from anthropogenic activities which are discharged into the air during the year.

Air quality statistics monitors concentration of air pollutants (immissions) in selected localities, average concentrations of ground-level ozone and regional air and precipitation pollution.

Water quality statistics is focused on assessment of indicators on water quality in watercourses and water quality in lakes and water reservoirs used for purpose of leisure activities.

Wastewater statistics provides data on wastewater discharged into watercourses from various pollution sources and on generation of wastewater.

Economical tools in the environmental protection include environmental protection expenditures and revenues of enterprises and municipalities and also penalties imposed by state administration bodies for breaking obligations and laws in particular areas of environmental protection.

Environmental accounts are implemented on the national level according to the Regulation No 691/2011 on European environmental economic accounts. Specifically the following environmental accounts are compiled: Air emissions accounts (AEA), Material flow accounts (MFA) and Environmental taxes by economic activity.

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