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Foreign trade
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Foreign trade

09.07.2024 |


All statistical data for the "Foreign trade" area can be found in the DATAcube. Public Database. The database provides to users time series of data and more comfort in the choice of statistical indicators, as well as working with data.

Key Indicators

Pre-defined Tables

Total Import and Total Export by Headings of the Harmonized system (HS4) by Months and by Countries

Code and name of Headings of the Harmonised System HS4 (valid from 2022): (ods - 120 kB), (xlsx - 130,6 kB)

Codes and names of countries (valid from 2021): (ods - 144,4 kB) (xlsx - 145 kB)


  • Imports by months


  • Exports by months


  • Imports by Countries


  • Exports by Countries



Archive (data in methodologies valid before 2019)

  • Imports by months


  • Exports by months


  • Imports by countries


  • Exports by countries



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