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Multi-domain statistics
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Multi-domain statistics

Last update: 30.10.2019

Multi-domain statistics includes information on Energy, Water management, Science, Technology and Innovation and on Information Society.

Energy statistics is aimed at obtaining relevant and comparable statistical information on the production, flow, and consumption of energies. Information are needed for the creation and monitoring of energy policy and for satisfaction of user's needs on national and international levels.

Water management statistics includes information on public water supply and sewage systems, water courses and waterworks and deals also with the volume, quality and financial indicators. In terms of use, respectively type of water, production and distribution of fresh water, volume and quality of discharged waste water (treated and untreated), information on water quality in water courses and in lakes and water reservoirs is presented. It also includes receipts of fresh water sales and receipts from waste water diversion and treatment.

Science, Technology and Innovation statistics includes Statistics on Research and Development, Innovation statistics and Statistics on high-technology industries and knowledge-intensive services (shortened to High-tech statistics). R&D statistics monitors human resources and financial sources devoted to research and development in the national economy. Innovation statistics monitors innovation activities of enterprises that comprise product innovations, process innovations, organizational innovations and marketing innovations. High-tech statistics is one of statistics characterizing the knowledge economy. Presents selected indicators in high-technology and knowledge-intensive industries and in foreign trade with high-technology products.

Statistics on Information Society monitors development of Information and Communications Technologies in the economy and society and - is the basis for the decision-making process in the area of ensuring further continuous development and improvement of information society.

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