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Science, Technology and Innovation
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Science, Technology and Innovation

01.12.2023 |

Statistics on Science, Technology and Innovation includes Statistics on Research and Development, Innovation statistics and Statistics on high-technology industries and knowledge-intensive services (abbreviated to High-tech statistics).

Research and Development statistics (R&D) monitor the number and structure of R&D personnel by education, occupation and sex in head counts according to the state at the end of the year, and in full- time equivalent (FTE). Expenditure on R&D is surveyed in the structure of capital and current expenditure by source of funds, socio-economic objectives, sectors of R&D performance, fields of science and by R&D activities (basic research, applied research and development).

Innovation statistics pursues innovation activities of enterprises, which include product innovations, process innovations, organizational innovations and marketing innovations.

High-tech statistics presents data on selected indicators for high-technology and knowledge-intensive industries and data on foreign trade with high-technology products.

Science, technology and innovation play a key role during development of economy and society in order to maintain and increase the country's competitiveness and, therefore, monitoring of their status and development belong to main tasks of the EU. Statistical data comparable to EU statistics for this area are provided under the EC Regulation No 995/2012 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of the European Parliament and of the Council No 10608/2003 concerning the production and development of Community statistics and science and technology. Survey methodology is based on the manuals of international organizations (Frascati manual for R&D statistics, Oslo manual for Innovation statistics.)

One of the five main objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy is to improve the conditions for research and development in particular in order to increase the overall level of public and private investment in this area to 3 % of EU GDP (1,2 % of SR GDP).

Development of the share of R&D expenditure in GDP* in %

  2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022(p)
Slovak Republic 0,45 0,46 0,47 0,61 0,65 0,79 0,82 0,88 1,16 0,79 0,88 0,84 0,82 0,90 0,92 0,98
EU(27) 1,80 1,87 1,97 1,97 2,02 2,08 2,10 2,11 2,12 2,12 2,15 2,18 2,22 2,303 2,27 2,22

* Methodology ESA 2010 by NA
(p) Preliminary data

Pilot survey on Career development of doctorate holders (persons with a completed doctorate degree) – CDH 2006

Contents and aim of the project CDH 2006

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic participated in a joint project of the OECD, the European Commission and UNESCO on the careers of persons with a completed doctorate degree (Statistics on the Career Development of Doctorate Holders - CDH) in 2007. This project takes place in nearly 40 countries and aims to obtain data on basic statistical characteristics (demographic, employment, professional, the international and intra-sectorial mobility, etc.) of the most educated part of the population in each country and develop internationally comparable indicators on career growth of holders of academic, scientific and pedagogical degrees PhD, ThD., ArtD., PhD., MD., Dr., Doc. and Prof.

The pilot survey was realized for the reference year 2006, collection of questionnaires was completed on 30 September 2007 and survey results in aggregated form were sent to international organizations on 28 February 2008. Publication of the survey results in Slovak and English version is available for download on the website.

Documents for download:

Výsledky mimoriadneho štatistického zisťovania o kariére držiteľov doktorátov v SR (CDH 2006) (pdf - 3,33 MB)

Results of the pilot statistical survey on careers of doctorate holders in the SR (CDH 2006) (pdf - 2,63 MB)

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