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Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries
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Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries

19.11.2021 |

The aim of agricultural and forestry statistics is to obtain relevant and comparable information on agricultural and forestry sectors.

Agriculture includes all legal entities (legal and natural persons), that are active in crop and livestock production, in related service activities, and in fish-hatcheries.

The basic statistical unit for the purposes statistics on soil fund and crop production is:

  • total of agricultural land with an area larger than 0.10 ha;
  • total of agricultural land with an area up to 0.10 ha
    • if the products from this land are usually sold
    • if there is a vineyard on the land with an area larger than 0.05 ha;
  • total of the woodland or ponds with an area larger than 0.10 ha if these cultures are not a part of agricultural establishments under the point a)

Every breeder of farming animals who breeds for sale or for further processing including agricultural enterprises and other breeders without agricultural land or with agricultural land up to 0.10 ha in area are basic statistical units for the purposes of the livestock production statistics.

The sector of forestry includes basic data on the structure of utilized forest land, basic data on work in silviculture activities, on regeneration and protection of forests, basic data on logging activities and timber deliveries. The data given is for state forest enterprises, military forest enterprises, forests of industrial and farming companies, municipal forests and organizations covering private forests as well as land associations (land-registers, composesorates, cottar forests and other) including entities non-incorporated in the Business or the Tradesmen Register.

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