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Selected Market Services
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Selected Market Services

04.05.2023 |

Selected Indicators - Methodological notes

The area of selected market services covers those entrepreneurial entities that provide paid services to businesses and the population.

Following the implementation of European legislation in short-term business statistics and due to the reduction of the burden on the business environment, the structure of the set of contacted intelligence units in the monthly statistical survey VTS 1-12 was changed.

Until the end of 2021, complete data were evaluated, even with the currently cancelled reporting obligation for divisions 85, 90 to 93, 95 to 96 of the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities SK NACE - other education and auxiliary educational activities, as well as art, entertainment and recreation, activities of gaming and betting offices, but also for other personal services (laundry and dry cleaning, hairdressing and beauty services, funeral services, services related to physical well-being and other services of a predominantly personal nature).

From the beginning of 2022, only the activities of divisions 68 to 82 are included in the classification of sales by type, which is based on the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities of the SK NACE.

  1. Real estate, Professional Scientific and Technical Activities
    (property, legal and accounting activities, activities of head offices and management consultancy activities, architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy, advertising and market research, other professional and technical activities),
  2. Administrative and support service activities
    (rental and leasing activities, employment activities, tourism, security and investigation activities, services to building and landscape activities, office administration, office support and other business support activities).


  • Turnover for selected market services
    This includes the value of sales (in simple income accounting) from the sale of own products, services, trade goods, revenue from orders and revenue from real estate for sales realised in the monitored period, which are intended for domestic and foreign customers. It is listed without value added tax and without consumption tax. The value of accounts 601, 602, 604, 606 and 607 will be indicated.
  • Average number of employed persons
    This includes the average registered number of employees and self-employed persons.
  • Average registered number of employees
    This includes permanent and temporary employees who are employed, civil servants or in a membership relationship with the organization / organisation (in cooperative enterprises, where membership is part of an employment relationship), regardless if they were really at work or not, e.g. due to illness, recovery holidays etc. And also the employees who were not working e.g. due to work stoppage, strikes, or lock-outs. Employees having part-time jobs are included. Women on maternity or additional maternity leave, persons practising military services (or compensatory civil services), apprentices and students performing operating practice are excluded.
  • Average gross nominal monthly wage
    It includes the amount of wage costs paid to one's own employees as remuneration for work or its compensation based on the legal relationship with the employer (employment, service or membership relationship). It is the gross salary, not reduced by statutory deductions or deductions agreed with the employee. The data does not include business income.
  • Source
    All published data are the result of statistical investigations by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. More detailed information is available in the DATAcube database and in the quarterly publication Basic indicators for selected market services, published until Q4 2019.

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