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Bulletin IMF

Bulletin IMF

Last update: 16.09.2019

General information about Special Data Dissemination Standard

The IMF established the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) in 1996 to provide guidance to countries that have or to seek access to capital markets to disseminate key data to users have adequate information to assess the economic situation of individual countries. The SDDS prescribes that subscribers disseminate certain data categories as well as the relevant metadata. Subscription of member counties is voluntary.

Slovak Republic joined to SDDS by the decision of the government on 27. August 1996. Task for participated institutions (Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, National bank of Slovakia, Ministry of Finance of the SR) was to draw up metadata and summary methodology for 17 economic and financial data categories and provide regularly the IMF with the Advance Release Calendar (ARC) including the dates of data release for four months ahead. Metadata has been released on the IMF website at the beginning October 1998. In the next phase the subscribers were asked to elaborate and post National summary data page (NSDP) disseminating data for the latest period and previous period as well as links from NSDP to websites of the three involved instructions.

Metadata and summary methodology for the Slovak Republic are disseminated on electronic bulletin board, called the Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB), on the IMF website (http::// Part of the DSBB is also the Advance Release Calendar and link to the National summary data page.

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic (SO SR) is national coordinator for tasks follows from SDDS subscription. In responsibility of the SO SR are data categories for real sector, foreign trade and population. Concerning metadata and the ARC updates, release of data on the NSDP the SO SR cooperate with the National bank of Slovakia (responsible for data categories of financial and external sector, except foreign trade and the Ministry of Finance of the SR (responsible for data categories of fiscal sector and share price index).

The IMF performs monitoring of the SDDS observance of all subscribers. In case of some imperfection is found out, the national coordinator of relevant country is given notice.

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