Turnover in internal trade in January 2013

Last update: 29.09.2018
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Development in January 2013 compared with December 2012 1)

Turnover of individual internal trade activities increased, month-on-month, in food and beverage service activities by 0,9 %, accommodation by 0,6 %, sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles and in retail trade equally by 0,4 %. It decreased only in wholesale by 0,1 %.

Development in January 2013 compared with January 2012

Turnover in sale and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles grew again after three months of a year-on-year decline. Compared with January 2012, it rose by 1,1 %. Turnover increased in sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories by 14,1 % and in repair and maintenance of motor vehicles by 0,1 %. Turnover in sale of motor vehicles did not change.

Turnover of wholesale increased by 4,5 %, year-on-year. It rose in wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals by 45,3 %, wholesale of other machinery and equipment by 18,7 % and in wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco by 13,7 %. It decreased the most significantly in wholesale on a fee or contract basis by 1 %.

Turnover of retail trade fell by 1,3 %. The development was affected mostly by lower turnover in retail sale of other goods in specialised stores by 2,9 %, retail sale in non-specialized stores by 1,1 %, retail sale via stalls and markets by 0,3 %. Turnover increased mostly in retail sale of information and communication equipment by 2,9 %, in retail sale of recreational and cultural goods by 1,8 % and in retail sale of automotive fuel in specialized stores by 1,2 %.

Turnover of accommodation decreased by 0,9 %.

Turnover of food and beverage service activities dropped by 0,4 %.

Note: according to the monthly survey; indices are calculated at constant prices to the base the average of the year 2010=100 except of wholesale (indices are calculated at current prices)
1) seasonally adjusted data


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