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RPO - Single Public Register
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RPO - Single Public Register

Last update: 21.02.2023

From 1 November 2015, the Single Public Register (RPO) became a legal source of data in accordance with the relevant Slovak legislation. It is an unified source of data for all legal entities (legal persons, entrepreneurs, public authorities) which are currently registered in more than 70 source registers and registrations maintained in various types of public administration. 

RPO was created in accordance with the National Concept of Informatization of Public Administration and it is part of e-Government. The RPO covers data from all source registers from November 2017.

Electronic services provision

Services for citizens and entrepreneurs include an extract from the RPO or electronic depreciation for public authorities. The services are provided through the Central portal of public administration or the SO SR portal Another RPO functionality is the online allocation of unified ID number when establishing all types of legal entities.

License agreement for the use of the data from the RPO

  1. SO SR as an administrator of the RPO applies the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License - cc by 4.0 (hereinafter referred to as the Public License) to the use of data made accessible from the RPO according to Section 7, Article 2 of the Act No 272/2015 Coll. on the register of legal entities.
  2. The scope of the public license covers the data made accessible via the website of the SO SR, under the Section 7, Article 2 of the Act on RPO.
  3. SO SR grants consent to the use of the subject of the public license and to the exercise of license rights (“license”) according to the above mentioned license.


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