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Terminological dictionary
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Terminological dictionary

Last update: 19.02.2020 | Number of views: 51699

The Terminology Committee of the Statistical Office of the SR was established by the President of the Office, following a Resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic No 399 of 3 June 1997. Its role is the harmonisation and integration of a uniform statistical terminology and its usage in oral and written form within the Office and externally by all users. The Committee holds regular meetings and it is open to discussions with the professional public in order to flexibly respond to terminological initiatives from both the internal and external environment.

The Committee increased its activities in 2017 which resulted in the first version of the Terminological dictionary, containing the most commonly used statistical terms and their English and French equivalents. Selected phrases also contain a contextual interpretation for their proper usage in various statistical fields. It is a pioneering product whose aim is the harmonisation of statistical terminology across all sectors. It is open to further development and will be updated and complemented based on the feedback obtained from the professional public and users.

The Terminological dictionary is available for download in Excel (.xlsx) and Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods)  .zip  (zip - 170 kB) or Portable Document Format   .pdf  (pdf - 381 kB)

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Mr František Bernadič

President of the Terminology Committee of the Office


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