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18.06.2024 | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics |

Harmonized indices of consumer prices in May 2024

The annual inflation measured by the harmonized index of consumer prices according to the European harmonized methodology reached the value 2.6 % in May 2024, which was 0.2 percentage points more than its value in April 2024.

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17.06.2024 | Industry |

New orders in industry in April 2024

The higher volumes of April´s orders in 8 of the 12 monthly monitored industrial sectors was reflected in the first year-on-year increase in new orders in industry as a whole.

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14.06.2024 | Consumer prices and prices of production statistics |

Inflation – consumer price indices in May 2024

Prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages rose again in May 2024, both month-on-month and year-on-year. Compared to April, prices of catering and accommodation services were also higher.

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13.06.2024 | Comprehensive products |

Employment and average monthly wage in selected sectors of economy in April 2024

Real wages in all 10 monthly monitored sectors grew compared to last year, in half of them the growth exceeded the level of 7%. Employment fell in half of the sectors, but grew by more than 4% in three.

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13.06.2024 | Comprehensive products |

Turnover in selected sectors of economy in April 2024

Turnover in industry started to increase again, the most significant growth was recorded in selected market services.

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12.06.2024 | Construction |

Construction production in April 2024

Construction production in April registered a revival for the first time this year, growing by 9% year-on-year. Domestic new construction as well as repairs and maintenance contributed to this. Abroad production also rose at a rapid pace.

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11.06.2024 | Tourism |

Tourism in accommodation establishments in the SR in April 2024

The number of visitors to hotels and guesthouses decreased in April, mainly the foreign guests were absent.

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10.06.2024 | Industry |

Industrial production in April 2024

The Slovak industry recovered after a month, manufacture of motor vehicles rose the most significantly.

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07.06.2024 | Tourism |

Organized tourism in 2023

Travel agencies recorded the second best year since the turn of the millennium, interest in exotics also increased significantly.

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07.06.2024 | Foreign trade |

Foreign trade – preliminary results in April and detailed data in the first tree months of 2024

After two months, the Slovak exports returned to a year-on-year growth, affected mainly by the export of motor vehicles.

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