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12.06.2024 | Construction |

Construction production in April 2024

Construction production in April registered a revival for the first time this year, growing by 9% year-on-year. Domestic new construction as well as repairs and maintenance contributed to this. Abroad production also rose at a rapid pace.

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11.06.2024 | Tourism |

Tourism in accommodation establishments in the SR in April 2024

The number of visitors to hotels and guesthouses decreased in April, mainly the foreign guests were absent.

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10.06.2024 | Industry |

Industrial production in April 2024

The Slovak industry recovered after a month, manufacture of motor vehicles rose the most significantly.

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07.06.2024 | Tourism |

Organized tourism in 2023

Travel agencies recorded the second best year since the turn of the millennium, interest in exotics also increased significantly.

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07.06.2024 | Foreign trade |

Foreign trade – preliminary results in April and detailed data in the first tree months of 2024

After two months, the Slovak exports returned to a year-on-year growth, affected mainly by the export of motor vehicles.

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06.06.2024 | National accounts |

Gross domestic product in the 1st quarter of 2024

The Slovak economy started 2024 at the fastest pace in the last two years, increasing by 2.7%.

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06.06.2024 | Trade and food services |

Turnover in internal trade in April 2024

Retail trade was prospering in April 2024, its turnover increased by 9.6%, which was the most in the last 25 months. The positive result was mainly due to the high turnover growth of e-shops.

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05.06.2024 | Construction |

Housing construction in the 1st quarter 2024

Housing construction has slowed, number of completed dwellings was the lowest in the last 8 quarters, number of started in the last 24 quarters.

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04.06.2024 | Labour cost |

Average monthly wage of employee in economy of the SR in the 1st quarter of 2024

Real wages rose 5.6% at the beginning of the year, at the third-fastest pace in 15 years.

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04.06.2024 | Labour |

Unemployment in the 1st quarter of 2024

Unemployment dropped to historic lows in the first quarter at 5.6%.

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