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National Accounts

National accounts

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09.12.2020 | Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | National accounts

Foreign trade development in October 2020 and in the first ten months of 2020

In October, foreign trade again surprised positively, with a surplus of EUR 807,5 million, it was the highest in the last decade

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04.12.2020 | Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | National accounts

Gross domestic product in the 3rd quarter of 2020

Gross domestic product decreased only by 2,4 % in the third quarter, the economy was driven by exports and household consumption

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13.11.2020 | Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | National accounts

Flash estimate of Gross domestic product and Total employment by ESA 2010 in the 3rd quarter of 2020

In the third quarter, the Slovak economy was more efficient than expected, the flash estimate of GDP indicated a year-on-year drop only by 2,4 %

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21.10.2020 | Headquarters Bratislava | Informatívne správy | National accounts

Gross national income rose to 92.21 billion euros last year

GNI data for the previous period since 2010 have been adjusted according to the international methodology in the range from -0.03 percent to +0.19 percent of GNI.

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20.10.2020 | Headquarters Bratislava | Information Reports | National accounts

Reporting of Government deficits and debt levels by the Slovak Republic to the European Commission (Eurostat) as of 1st October 2020 for 2016-2020

The deficit of the general government for the year 2019 reached 1 269 mil. EUR, which equate to 1,35 % of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Slovak Republic.

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