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Selected Market Services
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Selected Market Services

19.11.2021 |

Selected Indicators - Methodological notes

Area of selected market services covers those entrepreneurial entities that provide paid services to enterprises and the population mainly in the field of real property, legal and accounting activities, activities of head offices and management consultancy activities, architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy, advertising and market research, other professional and technical activities, rental and leasing activities, employment activities, tourism, security and investigation activities, services to building and landscape activities, office administrative, office support and other business support activities, education (other education and educational support activities), creative, arts and entertainment activities, libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities, gambling and betting activities, sports activities and amusement and recreation activities, repair of computers and personal and house hold goods, other personal service activities (such as laundry and dry-cleaning, hairstyling and cosmetic care, funeral services, body relaxation activities and other services of a prevailingly of personal character).

Data on selected market services includes data for legal persons and data for natural persons and are divided according to the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities.


Turnover for selected market services express the value of receipts from selling of goods, products, and services, conducted in the reference period and specified for inland and foreign customers. The indicator includes receipts of enterprise from its all enterpreneurial activities and are surveyed without VAT.

Average number of employed persons includes average registered number of employees and self-employed persons.

Average registered number of employees represents the number of stable and temporary employees in each occupational or civil status to an organization (it also includes members of the cooperative on the condition that the participation of their membership is conditioned by their occupational status in the cooperative enterprises), irrespective of their actual presence at work or their temporarily absence because of illness, holidays, military training, etc., as well as employees who were not working, for example because of stoppage, strikes, or lock-outs. Employees having part-time jobs are included. Women on maternity or additional maternity leave, persons practising military services (or compensatory civil services), apprentices and students performing operating practice are excluded.

Average gross nominal monthly wage consists of basic (tariff) wages set by wage rules including basic components of contracted wages and salaries for working overtime, compensation of wages for hours not worked, monthly and long-term bonuses paid according to performance and evaluation criteria, extra payments for working overtime, night work, work during Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, for environment damaging health, noise, risky and hard work, in-kind wages expressed in financial terms and other wages in the form of wage advantages whose level and periodicity are set in advance regardless of the situation in an enterprise.


All published data are the result of the statistical surveys carried out by the SO SR. More detailed information can be obtained in quarterly publication Basic Indicators of Selected Market Services.

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