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IMF Standard - SDDS Plus
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IMF Standard - SDDS Plus

Last update: 26.05.2023

Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus – general information

The Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus - SDDS Plus - was introduced by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2012 to guide member countries to provide economic and financial data to the public in support of domestic and international stability.

The Slovak Republic has been disseminating data since 1998 as subscriber of the SDDS. Data, metadata and summary methodology for 21 data categories were provided in the structure prescribed by the IMF and released on the National Summary Data Page.

On 16 September this year, the Slovak Republic adhered to SDDS Plus. The requirements regarding the scope, periodicity and timeliness of data as well as the length of time series that an SDDS Plus adherent must observe are more rigorous compared with the SDDS. Slovakia complies fully with the requirements prescribed for SDDS data categories and provides metadata, summary methodology and data for 9 new SDDS Plus data categories. Moreover, adherents to SDDS Plus must disseminate data also in SDMX format which enables an automatic exchange and sharing of statistical data.

Data for SDDS Plus are provided at national level by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, the National Bank of Slovakia and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic. As national coordinator of tasks related to SDDS Plus, the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic (SO SR) ensures, in cooperation with the above mentioned institutions, the update of metadata for provided data categories. The SO SR is also responsible for the content of the National Summary Data Page that enables the dissemination of data for the Slovak Republic according to the Calendar of First Data Release   (xlsx 16 kB)   (ods 9 kB)

Metadata and summary methodology for data categories of the Slovak Republic and also for other SDDS Plus adherent countries are posted in the IMF´s electronic Bulletin (Dissemination Standard Bulletin Board – DSBB). In line with IMF´s requirements, metadata are updated in case of changes to their content. The DSBB gives also access to Advance release calendars and National Summary Data Pages of all countries that adhere to SDDS Plus.

The IMF monitors on regularly basis the compliance to SDDS Plus by the adherent countries. A monthly monitoring report is sent to the national coordinator of the respective country and it is also part of the Annual Observance Report assessing the observance of the standard by the adherent country.

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