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Quality of Statistics
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Quality of Statistics

Last update: 05.05.2021 | Number of views: 38619

Eurostat´s mission is to provide high-quality statistical information on European Union. In official statistics, quality is aimed at all relevant areas from the institutional environment in which statistical authorities operate through the statistical production processes to the outputs of the official European statistics.

Official European statistics are regulated by principles, included in the European Statistics Code of Practice (pdf - 440 kB), with the adoption of which Eurostat and the statistical authorities of the EU-Member States have committed themselves to an encompassing approach towards high quality statistics, which is based on a common European Statistical System definition of quality in statistics. These principles refer, among other things, to professional independence, the protection of confidentiality, the reliability of the results, their relevance, precision and timeliness, punctuality, coherence and comparability, accessibility and clarity.

Eurostat, National Statistical Institutes and Other National Authorities, which are responsible for the development, production and dissemination of European statistics are strongly committed to quality and have declared this commitment in the Quality Declaration of the ESS that is also included in the Preamble of the Code of Practice.

More information on the implementation of the Code of Practice by the SO SR

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