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Research entities
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Research entities

Last update: 19.05.2023

A research entity for the purpose of providing confidential statistical data is a legal entity and a natural person - entrepreneur, irrespective of its registered office, place of business or place of activity, which carries out research and development

The research entity completes the Application for the Provision of Confidential Statistical Data for Scientific Purposes (for the Conduct of Research or Development) (DOCX 250 kB)  (ODT 132 kB) and attaches annexes demonstrating eligibility to conduct research or development and the Cyber Security and Information Security Questionaire (DOCX 159 kB)   (ODT 120 kB).

It is not required to demonstrate competence to carry out research or development for:

  • Slovak Academy of Sciences and its institutes,
  • universities and branches of foreign universities based in the Slovak Republic,
  • public research institutions,
  • other entities carrying out research or development pursuant to the Act,
  • research entities included in the list of recognised research facilities

Please note:

The signature of the person authorised to act on behalf of the research entity must be delivered only after the application has been approved by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, i.e. only on the version of the application that is considered final and attached to the contract.

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